Willie van Wijk


In my standard 9 year of school, in 1973, I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to spend a full 8 days in the Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve -, and St Lucia Wilderness area on trail…, on foot…, sleeping under the stars with the Wilderness Leadership School in KwaZulu Natal.

Dr. Ian Player, being one of the leading figures in South African Rhino Conservation and co-founder of the Wilderness Leadership School in 1957, pioneered the concept of wilderness trails along-side Mr Magqubu Ntombela, well over half a century ago.

This experience with the Wilderness Leadership School inspired me over the years to also qualify myself as a wilderness trails guide and thereby living out my passion for nature, “God’s Creation”, of which mankind were given the title “Custodians of…”

As I recall the words of a true conservationist and custodian …..
“On trail we are guests of the natural world, we are humbled by wilderness, in awe of its complexity, power and beauty. Outside of this our egos rule” ~ Dr. Ian Player
I am humbled in being part of this earth journey for which only I can answer to “how did I contribute in being a custodian of our natural heritage?”

“INTUTHWANE” the zulu name for ANT. We will be exploring and looking at even the tiniest form of life although we find ourselves in areas where the big five is present. From even the ANT we will gain wisdom

Intuthwane Adventures are committed in fulfilling this role. We welcome new challenges, new perspectives, new lessons, new adventures, and new opportunities. Wild adventures and Bush Camps in the wilderness challenges you with questions: Who am I, How did I get here, Why am I here, what threatens my existence, Where do I fit in? Each one of them becomes a testimony to your life story.

We expose guests to the wilderness and the wilderness awakens in us the love and respect for it. On a trail, walking in areas where dangerous game occur and where camps may be unfenced, we stand to be acknowledged to guide in a safe manner providing each participant with a professional and unique wilderness experience.

Experience gained will lead you to understand that the threat to the existence of our natural wilderness and close natural environment is also a threat to human lives …
While walking in the bush we are able to see and listen to the tiniest part of nature, feeding us information of where we are. The way of communicating small subtle bits of information on a trail telling us what and when to expect something up ahead.